Clean India campaign is one of the best and long term pending project. We were waiting for it for a long time. India has always been criticized by western countries for its lack of cleanliness. Now is the time to act. We live in a country where throwing trash randomly on the road, spitting tobacco, throwing cigarette buds has become a regular. People’s mentality has to change or people around us have to motivate others to change. I have always done that in majority part of my life. If I see someone spitting or pissing on the road site I will be the first one to ask. I don’t care what the consequences are. People are afraid to question wrong doers fearing a backlash. If we keep thinking that way we cannot improve our society.

Supporting clean India campaign Jai modi ji

We don’t need our prime minister to teach us how to keep our country clean. It is our moral and social responsibility. We should learn the habits from a very young age. Many nonprofit organizations, colleges, social welfare organizations do cleanliness drive we wait for them to initiate the process. Why we can’t have it in ourselves? When you go to a public place like beaches, parks etc don’t throw your trash because no one is looking. If you eat pop-corn keep the cover in your pocket till you find a trash can. That is how we learn cleanliness. If you don’t know how to do it learn from western countries.

When I was in US I was traveling with my cousin in his car. I was eating a type of fruit more like a jujube. After i sucked up the flesh I was about to throw the seed inside a forest type of road side area. My cousin immediately stopped me and shouted at me. He said we cannot do that there, I said it is only a seed and will help the plants grow. But he said regardless of what it is, it should be considered trash and to be thrown in a trash can. I was stunned he is an Indian born and brought up in India but settled in US for higher studies and work. His blood has completely changed to US attitude. This is how we should be, when an Indian citizen goes to a foreign country and takes care of their country why can’t we take care of India our mother country where we live and mostly die. Modi ji has shown us the way let us follow it. Please stop spitting wherever and whenever you want that increase unhygienic conditions. If you see someone throw a trash you don’t have to pick and throw it in trash can but before they litter the place request them not to throw on road but to find a dustbin. Educate people around you and they will educate people around them. I have gone to these low level fishing areas in beach side. These slum people always defecate in the open. Someone has to educate them, they do this even after having toilets built to them. When you ask them why they do it they simply reply it is easier for them and have become an habit. We feel disgusting but for them it is a regular way of life.

Today is Gandhi Jayanthi the day we remember our great father of nation. he believed in cleanliness and we should follow his footsteps. If you change you make others change and they make more people change. This is how we all can change. Let us all work together with the support of our honorable prime minister and work towards one goal. CLEAN INDIA.

IOS 8.0.1 is the worst update apple has brought into the market. I should have waited for user feedback before update my phone. But I trusted Apple and just jumped in. I was one of the thousands of Iphone 5s users who updated our phones on the 1st and 2nd day. But I regret badly for it. Now I am suffering from a buggy version. My phone keeps hanging it happens atleast once a day. It never happened before now it is almost a once a day affair. Every time it gets that blank screen I need to restart my phone.


This is horrible from Apple Inc the company known for innovative products. Now I can’t go back to the old version too because of obvious concerns. Reversing updates are never recommended because it cause more technical issues than what you bargained for.

I am waiting for Apple IOS 8.0.2 . Common Apple we are waiting bring it on. We are suffering here. 5s was great till right before the update. Problems start as soon as I updated my phone.

Our life is the most complicated thing in this world. You never know when stuff happens. One day you will relaxed watching stuff in TV and suddenly you might hear some nasty news. Other day you will be seriously worried but a great news comes to your ears. This is life those who know how to handle this succeed and those who cannot take it fail. You need to face the reality what life is all about. That is why my logo says “Expect the Unexpected” . I lead my life that way I always expect something to happen. I think all extremes of life whether it is positive or negative. Though I am still young i even think of negative stuff happening in my life. That is how we should be, we should be ready for everything. There was one story that was both inspiring where a webmaster like me shared his experience. He had a good advertising account with Google and was earning decently with Adsense when all hell broke lose. He met with an accident and went to coma stage. He got Amnesia and lost all his memory. With his memory gone are all the secret information he holds. It includes bank account numbers, email passwords and many information that are vital to lead his life. All the pending revenue he had in Adsense were gone and Google doesn’t allow him to recover his information without proper credentials. This is just one experience I have seen and there are many more instances.

Lead an alert life

This is the post about the person I am talking about. Read his posts it is both enlightening and alerting.

That is why I recommend be alert with you like and never take any part of your life easy. Life can be the best in the world one day and the worst very next day. But that is what life is all about enjoy what you have today and never wait for tomorrow to get the best out of your life.


I know the importance of social media from the Orkut, myspace days to today’s facebook and twitter. But I always have trouble getting myself adapted to this. I still cannot figure out why I don’t like spending my time there. There are few reasons I can think off do you have similar problem like me?


Few reasons

1. I am plain damn lazy. That is true I rarely spend time on one single thing. I keep jumping around the internet.
2. Not interested in making friends
3. Not interested in seeing other’s pictures, videos and other shares.4. Not interested to gain too much attention towards me.
5. Don’t know how to socialize properly.
6. Don’t know how to appreciate others for their silly skills.
7. Don’t know how to comment on other’s profiles.
8. Not interested to show case my skills.
9. Not interested to make Business contacts. I rather like to go for it alone.
10. For a simple reason that I don’t know myself.

Do you have similar problem like me? Post a comment here and we can hopefully discuss and find a same boat to ride.

I always had my ups and downs in my life. But I am considered one of the selective few who will not give up without a fight. I like to fight till the very end to make sure my life goes in the right way. There are many people who used me as a stepping stone to their success. I am happy about it. This is a blessing that does not come to everyone easily. Only the blessed ones will get a chance to serve others or give opportunities for others to succeed in life.

I made mistakes and most of them can be fixed by few changes. I am happy now I am changing things so that everyone who depend on my success see the fruit of success one day. Success in our efforts are not easy it comes after lot of testing and difficulties. I have seen my success but the problem always been sustainability. If we can sustain our success long term this world will look at us differently. We can go around with our heads held high.

Making the right decision at the right time is crucial. I did not realize that I was blind and depending on things to happen. Finally I ended up on no man’s land. Never wait for things to come to you it never will. We have to keep seeking it even if it means losing some fun in life. There is no retirement at the age of 30 I thought it is possible but the truth it is not. That is why there is a retirement age of 65. I tried to retire at the age of 30 and got punished. I tried to take things lethargic and it ended up back firing. I learned the importance of making decisions. Decisions that benefits both parties. It is important never to compromise your life for others. I did that and regret. Will not repeat again and will never be greedy. I will take what comes to me and I will make sure I do good things for others without hurting myself.


A lesson learned is for lifetime.

I am very excited with Apple’s new annoncement of bigger iphones. I like big smart phones and I know this new iphone is a game changer. But I want to 1st go for iwatch a cute gadget. I have a fascination for watch phones. I own 2 watch phones already but I never tried the one Samsung offered. But I will go for iwatch because I own a Iphone 5s and I know this watch will work with my phone. I am waiting to get my hands on it. If anyone know the release date in India let me know. I am willing to wait in long ques just to lay my hands on it.


This is the talk of the town now. Published online are 5 million hacked gmail passwords. I just downloaded to see what I can learn from it. Oh my god it is real there are truly 5 million passwords with email IDs in that file. I am fortunate to see none of my email IDs listed there. But I did see few of my company and friend’s IDs listed there. This is truly a privacy violation. Thankfully Google woke up to the occasion most of the password I tested don’t work.



After the Apple cloud hack this is the next big news in hacking industry. I have always been fascinated about hacking. As soon I read the news that gmail passwords are released I jumped into all forums including bitcoin and other forums where this link is thought to be. I did find a perfectly working download link and I am willing to share to people who need it. Please PM me and I will email you the list. Remember this list is for information purpose only and cannot be used to violate others privacy. One thing I learn from this list is the mentality of people how they create passwords. It is stunning how dumb people are. Even after repeated warnings during password generation people tend to create easy passwords which allow the hackers to gain access.

Gmail has a wonderful 2 step verification feature. It allows you to register your phone and whenever you want to login from different system it will generate a unique number to gain access. This helped me from losing my precious email IDs.

There are ton of passwords on India / Indian citizens. Don’t know whether this hack has something to do with Indians using online social media or Apps.

Personally I am very disappointed with Kerala government’s proposed ban on liquor. I hate talibanism in India. We are a democratic country you cannot ban and take away what people do in their homes. Though I don’t take liquor I do go to clubs. I felt terrible when Tamil Nadu Government brought a policy to close all night clubs by 11.00. A city that likes night life cannot handle that. We were disappointed but now the rules are liberalized. No more 11.00 PM restriction. That is how it has to be. When you want foreign you need to understand people like to follow their culture.


Government cannot setup rules that removes the fundamental rights of a citizen. It is our right to go to night clubs. We like to go there and dance and we know when to stop. We don’t want any moral policing in India. India can be conservative but it should not be enforced on citizens who like to lead a life with freedom and liberty. Chennai and Tamil Nadu is lot better now when it comes to moral policing. We enjoy good freedom here. But it is disappointing to see Kerala the most literate state in India take such kind of unfriendly steps. Kerala is also called god’s own country and known for it’s beautiful hills. Their main revenue comes from tourism and you cannot setup rules on tourists. People come from all over the world to Kerala and they love boozing. Kerala will lose a ton a revenue coming from tourist dollars and rupees. I hope this policy never goes through. It takes away the fundamental rights of a citizen. If Kerala government goes ahead with this policy I will personally boycott Kerala tourism. My visit might not mean anything to their state but there are 1000s of people like us who don’t like to visit places that stamps us down their their moral policing.

Thankfully Supreme court is playing spoil sport and I sincerely hope it lasts for ever. Please don’t spoil a great place for tourism.

I hate the decision US president Obama took for not releasing the photos of the nasty terrorist Osama Bin Laden. I was one non-American following US pursue of Osama after 9-11. I spent around 15 hours continously before TV when twin towers was struck. I was the one who was overwhelmingly happy when Osama was finally killed but i am extremely disappointed by US president’s decision.

Who cares how the face looks now gruesome, gory we are ready to take it. Please show us the terrorist we waited 10 long years.

I had 100s of dreams catching him for US. Unfortunate not to see his body is disappointing :-(

I have so many met people in my life some are very some are very short tempered. I have always thought why people get instantly angry on even minor issues. The primary problem is the lack or conditioning of their mind and their wrong ability to react to every words and events that happens around them. Some people just cannot control their instincts. Anger according to me is an instant reaction if you can get over it I am sure you will be able to see the world in a completely different way. Learn to understand people and learn to analyze your thoughts before your react. React only when its necessary that is the difference I see between humans and animals. Animals don’t have common sense, they cannot think before acting. That is why even the most intelligent of all mammals ( monkeys) can still be fooled. People are not like that god has given us the extra sense of thought that makes us take decisions before we react.

                Short temper is just another reaction and you have to use your thought before you get angry. If you find the reason you are getting angry and try to analyze it I am sure you will be able to avoid that in future.