Watch our very own Anand take on reigning world champion Magnus Carlsen to claim his world champion title back. Anand is the Challenger against Magnus the defender. Carlsen won the title last year from Vishwanathan Anand and this year things are heating up after 6 rounds. Carlsen is on a 1 point lead over anand after 7 rounds.

Replay games here or watch live match when the match starts again tomorrow. Anand will play which and will have brilliant chance to win next game.


After a long time I went for this movie Kaththi. I was very excited since it is an outing with our staff after a long time. My excitement was short lived. I watch ton of movies both English , Tamil and some Hindi movies. I almost watched all actor Vijay movies. His movies will always have a trend and I like it that way. For me movies are for entertainment and his movies provide good entertainment. I always look for masala stuff in movies. Nice action, glamour, love, comedy is what i look for in movies. This movie is a huge disappointment in all the areas. Action was Ok but very much artificial and in so many areas it was completely unnecessary. Literally no LOVE. Love factor very low in this movie. Comedy again zero. Seems they want to save money by not bringing in good comedians.

Horrible movie - Kaththi

Samantha has openly agreed to be glamorous in future movies. That factor also missing. She was totally wasted in this movie. Kaththi is a miserable failure in all fronts. It is good for people is villages but not for city crowd like us. Literally nothing except social welfare and social awareness. Who wants to spend money to watch a social awareness movie. There are 10s of 100s of channels to watch good movies and if I want I can download a movie and watch at home if it really is good. I want to see top class stuff in the large theatre screen. This movie totally disappointed me. Vijay’s acting in love scenes is as usual very artificial. I like his acting in action and serious scenes than in love scenes. Hindi movies are top class when it comes to showing Love.

Director Murugadoss never accepts plagiarism. He is known to steal stuff from all over the place but claims everything is his own. One thing is for sure he spends a lot of time in internet to gather facts. I appreciate that but that doesn’t mean he can insert his Internet knowledge where ever possible. That becomes too obvious. His plagiarism is clearly visible in this movie. There is nothing new. Farmer suicide has been debated left and right. It is an old story now. But Murugadoss either by stealing this script from someone or reading from news sites or newspapers comes up with the idea of making a movie with added masala stuff. Some directors are too over confident about their work and neglect the fundamentals required for a movie.

I will not watch another Vijay actor movie again till I read complete reviews. And any social awareness film don’t require us to go to theatres. Now can the producers return my money. Wasted 2 hours 30 minutes of my time on a disappointing movie. For those who like this movie I appreciate their patience and perseverance .

P.S: This blog is my rant and cannot be taken personally.

How to stand out among the crowd. India a country with millions of men. Most us have similar Indian look. So how do you stand out from the rest of the crowd. Best way to stand out is to show quality in everything we do. You cannot neglect one but better in other. Show the best in whatever you do. If you are doing some work show the ability to learn and improvise. I have seen some great improvisers and also very poor learners. You teach them to make a stick they will build a whole house out of it. But there are people who don’t improvise. Give them a half built house they will end up with the messy uncooked house. This is what makes the difference between the good and bad ones. It is all your ability to learn. Only if you educate yourself you can improve.


Same with any sports or games activities. Show your skills to stand out on top. Even if you don’t know how to play a game learn that first and then try to implement. No one becomes a champion in a day. We have heard of young champions in Chess that doesn’t mean they are born geniuses. Almost all young chess champions start off with a very young age. If someone is a champion at the age of 15 they would have started at the age of 5. That is solid 10 years of training and experience. This is what is all about. Take time to learn before going into something. Some people are over confident when it comes to doing stuff. They think they are do anything they like out of the blue. I don’t know how it is ever possible. No one can do that for sure. If you are achieving something out of the blue you are just too lucky. You can actually capitalize on the luck part to improvise.

From my personal experience hard work, dedication, education, improvisation all plays a vital role to be successful.


I never felt so important in my whole life when it comes to taking decisions. I was always taking stuff lightly and easy as it comes. But I am getting serious about my life and the life of everyone around me. It is time to think about the right future. Few important decisions I might be making this coming year.


  1. Change in strategies for the future welfare of the company. Better sustainable long term approach.
  2. Might improve infrastructure for a more pleasing environment to work.
  3. Better communication to my past and present colleagues through social media.
  4. Form a team of Contemposians and iRenders for better growth. Will conduct get-togethers for current and old employees.
  5. Might implement better schemes for iRenders.
  6. Might get a loved one :-) .
  7. Establish my Dance studio in a bigger and better way.
  8. Might travel to USA for establishing my company.
  9. Might get a immovable asset.
  10. Will dismiss all negativity from my life. I never felt so positive my whole life.
  11. Will run 2 Marathons coming year ( Intensity of training ill change me )
  12. Will refrain from gossiping and listening to gossiping. This is important for me because it saves me a lot of headache.

Love is the greatest experience Homo sapiens can ever have. It is not only the best feeling in humans but many animals have great love bonding. We all know this and can never deny this. There are so many positives about love and some negatives too. I want to highlight one negative in love which I hate to see. Sometimes you get too flashy about your love. You tend to be over protective of yourself or your boy friend / girl friend. This will lead to over possessiveness which is the starting point of all problems in love.


Being possessive is a great essence of love but being over possessive can lead to many problems. I feel many get too flashy with love to remind themselves that they are in Love and should stay within restrictions and limitations. This is good but why destroy your life when you know anything can happen in Love. Lead your normal life everything will happen the right way. Instead if you put too much effort in love you will only end up disappointed. Best love is love based on trust not possessiveness. In your heart you should know that your girl will be for you. Build up confidence in yourself and in her to keep your relationship long term. Love cannot happen by suppression but can happen only by real feelings. Both guy and girl should show that their heart and soul is for each other regardless of where they are and how they are. Lead a normal life and keep your love within yourself. World wants to know of great things in life like Marriage but world will not accept your over flashy attitude that shows “I am in love” , ” I am in Love” . Over flashy attitude will only make you lose friends. Good friends who might like you as a friend wants to move away because you are getting too restricted or thinking your girl friend or boy friend might think bad about your friendship.

Flash your marriage badge not your love badge it just shows your overzealous attitude.

Christmas Games:

I have been organizing games and events for a very long time. When I posted about the Diwali games in office I saw a lot of interest from searchers around the diwali day. I thought ill share my experience with the upcoming Christmas games.


Every year we celebrate Christmas same like the way it is celebrated around the world. We play Christ-ma, Christ-child game and also we play many other games. I like to list out 5 Christmas related games we played over the years. These games can be played in office, parties and lot more occasions if you have sufficient space.

  1. One very interesting game I would like to highlight is the variation of dog and bone. 2 players go around in circles and any object a handkerchief or something which can be grabbed is placed in the center. First separate members as equal teams. If you have less members just keep Team A and Team B. If you have too many members then separate into multiple teams and make Team A play Vs B and Team C Vs D etc. The idea of the game is to grab the object and run into your safe area without being tagged. If you are tagged you either lose a point or out of the game. Now for the variation version for Christmas. Everyone playing can wear a Christmas hat and the object you keep in center for grabbing can be Christmas related. Like a doll of Santa Claus, Christmas props, Christmas related eatables etc. Also you can allow the person who successfully grabs the object without getting tagged to keep the object themselves. After all Christmas is all about sharing gifts right? This game can be a multi player game where you can allow other participants to pair up and play. Overall score can be calculated and rewarded with gifts.
  2. Christmas web treasure hunt: First you need to know what a web treasure hunt is. A web treasure hunt is a variation of treasure hunt invented by me. I am the 1st one to introduce this type of game but many of my colleagues, friends, plus other people who have seen it in internet have started playing it in their office. If you want a web treasure hunt question paper click here. For answer sheet email me and I will send you the sheet. Now coming to Christmas web treasure hunt the idea of the game is to give the participating teams a set of clues which they need to solve sitting before the computer and using their internet. This is a purely internet based game and ideal for IT companies who offer unrestricted internet access. You cannot play this game in a restricted internet connection. Most difficult part of this game is creating a question paper. So the task of the organizer is more difficult than the player. Remember you can hide something from people in a office, hotels, party halls, outdoor playing area but you cannot hide information from internet. Especially if you are dealing with intelligent people they will easily find out. So the paper has to be difficult but not too difficult to make the players frustrated. Think of hidden clues in images, videos, encrypted text, heliographs etc. Always make the question twisted so that a phrase search in Google doesn’t bring out the answers easily. Prepare a set of questions all related Christmas use Christmas proverbs, Christmas videos, Christmas images, slogans etc. Make sure all clues are related to Christmas. Prepare a set of around 25 questions in sequential order. Make sure a person can jump only from 2 to 3 and not 2 to 10. There are too many things to consider when it comes to creating an interesting and fun treasure paper. If you have many teams playing you can keep rewards on regular intervals. Like solving 5 clues first will get so and so gift, solving 15 clues so and so gift etc. I will leave the rest to your imagination. If you need help with this game you are free to contact me but my time is precious and nothing can be done free of cost.
  3. A Christmas prop making game can never be ignored. People like to get involved in props / craft making and you can make them do some prop related to Christmas. Like a Santa Claus doll, beautiful light with an eatable, Christmas stars, Christmas tree, Christmas hats, flying witches etc. You can allow them to use eatable items like wheat or rice flour to make props so that participants or audience can enjoy eating it later.
  4. Balloons play an integral part of Christmas and new year celebrations. An interesting game that I thought of that can be played during Christmas is called Santa balloon popping. Game is simple to explain. One member from each team will wear Santa Claus dress and stuff up inside their Santa dress with say 10 balloons. Idea of the game is to pop the balloon of other players only by dashing on the other Santa dressed members. Just draw a ring and make all Santa’s fight inside the ring. Those who come out of the ring are out of the game, similarly those whose balloons are popped completely are out of the game. Winner is judged by the number of aired balloons remaining without going out of the ring. This game is a bit messy and breaks a bit of sweat but interesting to play.
  5. Christmas questions and presents game: Idea of the game is to make the players win as much games as possible. You keep a set of gifts in the center of a circle. All the players who are playing should stand around the circle. Minimum 10 members will be fun. More members the better. Organizer should prepare a set of Christmas related quiz questions. Items required will be one hat, many gifts and lot of questions related to Christmas. Now how to play the game? Keep the gifts and the Christmas hat in the center of the circle. Organizer will ask a question from the set of prepared questions. First person to answer the question will run into the circle wear the hat and select one gift from the bunch of gifts and starts unwrapping it. By the time he is unwrapping organizer will continue to ask questions. If someone answers that question he will run inside take the cap from the other player, selects a gift and starts unwrapping it. All the gifts unwrapped before the other member grabs the cap belongs to the person who guessed the correct answer. Those who lose the hat to new member should go back to the circle, he is eligible to answer question now. But the person selecting the gift should not answer any additional questions till he loses his winner hat. Game sounds a bit complicated but fun to play.


I am sure you will enjoy playing this game in your get together. If you like my games I want to hear from you. Please leave your comment below or email me.


I take this opportunity to wish everyone a happy and prosperous Diwali. May this Diwali bring happiness to everyone out there. Last year was bad for us. This year is no better but I am feeling more relieved this Diwali. I just want next year to be the best. There are too many changes in my life and I wish coming year bring best changes. I am looking for changes that can help me reach my goal. I have very few goals in my mind and I am confident I will full fill to the best on the expectations others have on me.


Will treat my colleagues with sweets and crackers, will do better next time.


Clean India campaign is one of the best and long term pending project. We were waiting for it for a long time. India has always been criticized by western countries for its lack of cleanliness. Now is the time to act. We live in a country where throwing trash randomly on the road, spitting tobacco, throwing cigarette buds has become a regular. People’s mentality has to change or people around us have to motivate others to change. I have always done that in majority part of my life. If I see someone spitting or pissing on the road site I will be the first one to ask. I don’t care what the consequences are. People are afraid to question wrong doers fearing a backlash. If we keep thinking that way we cannot improve our society.

Supporting clean India campaign Jai modi ji

We don’t need our prime minister to teach us how to keep our country clean. It is our moral and social responsibility. We should learn the habits from a very young age. Many nonprofit organizations, colleges, social welfare organizations do cleanliness drive we wait for them to initiate the process. Why we can’t have it in ourselves? When you go to a public place like beaches, parks etc don’t throw your trash because no one is looking. If you eat pop-corn keep the cover in your pocket till you find a trash can. That is how we learn cleanliness. If you don’t know how to do it learn from western countries.

When I was in US I was traveling with my cousin in his car. I was eating a type of fruit more like a jujube. After i sucked up the flesh I was about to throw the seed inside a forest type of road side area. My cousin immediately stopped me and shouted at me. He said we cannot do that there, I said it is only a seed and will help the plants grow. But he said regardless of what it is, it should be considered trash and to be thrown in a trash can. I was stunned he is an Indian born and brought up in India but settled in US for higher studies and work. His blood has completely changed to US attitude. This is how we should be, when an Indian citizen goes to a foreign country and takes care of their country why can’t we take care of India our mother country where we live and mostly die. Modi ji has shown us the way let us follow it. Please stop spitting wherever and whenever you want that increase unhygienic conditions. If you see someone throw a trash you don’t have to pick and throw it in trash can but before they litter the place request them not to throw on road but to find a dustbin. Educate people around you and they will educate people around them. I have gone to these low level fishing areas in beach side. These slum people always defecate in the open. Someone has to educate them, they do this even after having toilets built to them. When you ask them why they do it they simply reply it is easier for them and have become an habit. We feel disgusting but for them it is a regular way of life.

Today is Gandhi Jayanthi the day we remember our great father of nation. he believed in cleanliness and we should follow his footsteps. If you change you make others change and they make more people change. This is how we all can change. Let us all work together with the support of our honorable prime minister and work towards one goal. CLEAN INDIA.

IOS 8.0.1 is the worst update apple has brought into the market. I should have waited for user feedback before update my phone. But I trusted Apple and just jumped in. I was one of the thousands of Iphone 5s users who updated our phones on the 1st and 2nd day. But I regret badly for it. Now I am suffering from a buggy version. My phone keeps hanging it happens atleast once a day. It never happened before now it is almost a once a day affair. Every time it gets that blank screen I need to restart my phone.


This is horrible from Apple Inc the company known for innovative products. Now I can’t go back to the old version too because of obvious concerns. Reversing updates are never recommended because it cause more technical issues than what you bargained for.

I am waiting for Apple IOS 8.0.2 . Common Apple we are waiting bring it on. We are suffering here. 5s was great till right before the update. Problems start as soon as I updated my phone.

Our life is the most complicated thing in this world. You never know when stuff happens. One day you will relaxed watching stuff in TV and suddenly you might hear some nasty news. Other day you will be seriously worried but a great news comes to your ears. This is life those who know how to handle this succeed and those who cannot take it fail. You need to face the reality what life is all about. That is why my logo says “Expect the Unexpected” . I lead my life that way I always expect something to happen. I think all extremes of life whether it is positive or negative. Though I am still young i even think of negative stuff happening in my life. That is how we should be, we should be ready for everything. There was one story that was both inspiring where a webmaster like me shared his experience. He had a good advertising account with Google and was earning decently with Adsense when all hell broke lose. He met with an accident and went to coma stage. He got Amnesia and lost all his memory. With his memory gone are all the secret information he holds. It includes bank account numbers, email passwords and many information that are vital to lead his life. All the pending revenue he had in Adsense were gone and Google doesn’t allow him to recover his information without proper credentials. This is just one experience I have seen and there are many more instances.

Lead an alert life

This is the post about the person I am talking about. Read his posts it is both enlightening and alerting.

That is why I recommend be alert with you like and never take any part of your life easy. Life can be the best in the world one day and the worst very next day. But that is what life is all about enjoy what you have today and never wait for tomorrow to get the best out of your life.