Every year for the past 3 years we are playing christma chrischild game. Chrismom Chrischild is a very interesting game where every individual in our company should participate. All the names of our employees will be written in different pieces of papers mixed up and we will make every individual pick one piece of paper from it. They shouldn’t reveal the names the got.


The person who took the paper is the chrismom for the person whose name was written on the piece of paper taken. From the following day its their duty to take care of the chris child either by giving them tasks or by sharing gifts. Its same like a mother taking care of a child like making the child do their homework encouraging them to do some activity etc. Its a lot of fun everyday around 4.30 Pm whole office joins us in the main hall and the leader reads out the tasks given to everyone. Tasks vary from making the child dance, or sing or do some funny activity. Its very interesting and funny to see people do something they never did in their life. I feel this particular game / event gives everyone opportunity to be a child plus bring the child into them. Most of them who participate in this game never did anything like this in their life.


For example:

One funny task a girl in our office was asked to sing an English song with a local tamil music.
An other task was for a girl she was asked to draw an other girl picture and get autograph for it. The worst thing is she never drew anything in her life and finally the image came out to be a really funny one.
An other task for a guy was to do a stunt but he is a fat guy and was making a laugh out of the stunt he was asked to do.

Few more tasks:

I was once asked to stand upside down for 10 minutes.

Asked to wear dress with minimum 5 colors in it.

Asked to dance for a song with a billboard in my hands.

Deliver comedy dialogue with action.

Dance to the tunes made by my colleagues.

Sing a song with a particular actor voice

Dress like Santa on chrismom chrischild day and stay like that for the whole day.

Dress up like a Hindu god. My Chrisma was a bit rude on this.

Asked to stand on one leg and deliver a dialogue.

Stand on office table and tell everyone that i love you.

Stand on office table every one hour and say ” Honey i miss you ”

Should not tuck in my shirt for full 5 working days. Got scolding from my boss for doing this.

Asked to clean a table for 2 days in our office.

Drink one bottle of beer before office members.

Asked to stand on road and tell 10 people to quit smoking

Come wearing cow boy hat to office and stay like that for a day.

Write a graffiti in our restroom wall.

Peep through the window and send someone a flying kiss.

Asked to eat a bug before colleagues.

Chris mom and chris child is the best time of the year in our office. We don’t celebrate it for a day but for a whole month.

Like this the tasks were very funny but this game is not just about tasks some people shared some really cool gifts. Most of the gifts were very cool i don’t know how they were able to select such cool gifts. Some of the gifts i never noticed in any shop but it was given in the chrisma chrischild game.

Personally i enjoyed playing the game i was given all sort of tasks in the part 3 years, my chrismom knows very well that i will do any task given to me and they give me some very difficult tasks. But overall i enjoy playing it.

Tomorrow is the last day for chrismom chrischild game, last day is an entertaining day everyone gather together and we enjoy sharing gifts and giving final day tasks.

if i get time i will definitely share last day experience,

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4 Thoughts on “Christma – Chrischild Christmom one of the highlighted event in our office in december

  1. Vinoth on November 8, 2011 at 4:06 am said:

    i love the game very much

  2. Rembrandt on December 2, 2011 at 3:42 am said:

    Hi, Do you have some template for the tasks. My child is a mother of a little boy. Any suggestions other than the come with a rose on your ear, wear pink or any other colored saree.

    Kindly tell me something that will make her talk to people she rarely talks. Like the office gardner, the security guards and the like.

  3. Priscilla on November 22, 2013 at 1:36 am said:


    Wonderful game..from when this game should start and what sorts of gifts. Could you kindly help me.


  4. This game’s main motto is to have fun and share gifts as much as you can. We can share any kind of gifts. This game can start from Dec 1 and it goes on till 25th of Dec. On the final day only one should reveal the child’s name.

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